BitDefender Total Security 2011 Final → x32-x64

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BitDefender Total Security 2011 Final → x32-x64

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BitDefender Total Security 2011 Final → x32-x64

BitDefender Total Security 2011 Final (x32-x64)
Size: 537 MB Windows: 7 / Vista / XP 32/64-bit | Interface: English

BitDefender Total Security 2011 – comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and other electronic threats, which can lead to identity theft, data loss and reduce system performance.

BitDefender Products using several technologies of proactive protection that allows you to identify new and unknown threats and attacks, and not just a list of known viruses.
The main components of BitDefender Total Security 2011 • Antivirus and antispyware • Protection against phishing
• Chat Encryption • Fast scanning
• Family Network Protection • Check Smart Scan
• Planner Smart Schedule • Help System Smart Help
• Smart Sense • Parental
• Anti-Spam Firewall •
• File encryption • Configure system
• Online Backup
• Optimizing
• Personal toolbar

New BitDefender Total Security 2011
• Redesigned and streamlined system installation.
• Search Advisor warns about unsafe ************ pages displayed in search results, by checking each link using the online database BitDefender ************site addresses.
• Firewall Troubleshoot Wizard – master of solutions to common problems related to the Internet, printer and a remote office (VPN) connection.
• Performance Optimizer shows what programs slow down your computer and suggests remedial measures.
• The level of protection adapted to the computing power of a computer. BitDefender Total Security 2011 is configured according to the volume doustupnoy memory and processor type.
• Customize Toolbar favorite sections and action program for the interface Basic and Intermediate.

• Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (SP2 for x64), Vista (SP1), Microsoft Windows 7
• Internet Explorer 6 (Internet Explorer 7 is recommended)
Memory (RAM): 512MB (Windows XP), 1 GB (Windows Vista, Windows 7)
• Processor: 800 MHz

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