GTA San Andreas: Virtual World v0.2 only 1 MB for PC

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GTA San Andreas: Virtual World v0.2 only 1 MB for PC
25 أكتوبر 2009

Collection versions of ENBSeries assembly in one convenient installer that much transforming the entire gameplay GTA San Andreas. New objects, features, you can play one of Heroes Series GTA 4 CJ, Tommy Vercetty, Niko Belic, Claude, and much more. The archive is attached word document detailing all features fashion, a small FAQ? settings etc. Enjoy the game!

- To play one of the heroes GTA series: CJ, Niko Belic (IV), Tommy Vercetty (GTA Vice City), Claude (GTA III).
- U CJ 3 new girls (instead of the standard).
- All in the game 25 different real-life models of vehicles.
- 19 Russian vehicles, 23 foreign cars.
- Ability to type from the cabin.
- 3 new radio stations (club music, hits 90, rap hip hop station).
- HotCoffe.
- Changed some textures, a new bar near the house CJ.
- Car insurance.
- McDonalds.
- Snow-covered area near the mountains Chiliad.
- Speedometer.
- The level of gasoline.
- When an accident CJ flies through a car windshield.
- In car repair can be put over steep drives and spoilers.
- Deserted City.
- Traffic.
- Turn on / off headlamps.
- Central locking.
- Turn on / off engine avtomabilya.
- Street racing.
- Call an ambulance.
- Is it possible to give a bribe Kopu and you will remove the stars, or paroxysmal surrender to the cops and spend the night in the monkey, etc.
- More information in the README

- Establish a clean GTA San Andreas
- Run the patch GTA VW (and install on a clean, GTA SA)
- PLEASE specify the path to the folder GTA San Andreas.

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