Stainless Vacuum Tumbler Made in China

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Stainless Vacuum Tumbler Made in China


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26 نوفمبر 2019
Founded in 1995, Located in Wuyi China, Zhejiang Yongheng Household Co., Ltd has been a specialized manufacturer to produce various types of travel tumblers & mugs, sports water bottles, vacuum flasks, coffee mugs and related products in stainless steel and plastic material.
The modern compound covers over 30,000 square meters, and has more than 400 employees including 15 R&D experts and 15 Q.C. inspectors, who help us to provide innovative and high-quality products to worldwide.
The professional team of which 40% have received diplomas above the junior college level and another 40% are trained into technical personnel. With the daily output of 30,000 PCS, sound quality control and heart to heart service, our business grows rapidly.

Yongheng has been following the policy of "High Standard, High Quality, High Efficiency and Low Consumption" and the business philosophy of "Focusing on the Customers' Requirements and Providing Satisfying Products and Top-Quality Service"; "Serving Community and Prospering Economy" is common wish of all people in Yongheng.
Stainless Vacuum Tumbler Made in China
website:China Mug, Tumbler, Bottle, SS Flask Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Zhejiang Yongheng Household Co.,Ltd
website2:Tasse de Chine, Tumbler, SS fiole, bouteille usine, fabricants et fournisseurs - ménage Cie., Ltd de Zhejiang Yongheng

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